Oct 22, 2010 at 5:15 PM

A critical goal of the Programmable Software Development Environment is strict portability between operating systems and source languages.
Strict portability between the Windows and UBUNTU operating systems has already been achieved,
The current focus is strict portability between a C++ and C# design environment. Specifically, the exact same source definition files must be able to produce functionally identical C++ or C# source files of an error-free product.
Strict compliance with the ISO-9001 requirement for standard methods and processes can only be accomplished by single point definitions.  This can be accomplished by a set of standard software parts libraries and communication mailboxes.   
To render a source file self-documenting, it is often necessary to locally define various global quantities.  Status and Command valus fall into this category.  In C++. the #define statement has been used for this purpose.  This capability is not available in C##
The Mailbox commands of the Programmable Software Development Environment is currently being used to provide a single point definition of critical elements to all source development processes.  It is also be used to insure that when local definitions are required, they will be strictly identical to the single point definition.