Oct 29, 2010 at 5:08 PM

A critical goal of the Programmable Software Development Environment is strict portability between operating systems and source languages.

The current focus is strict portability between a C++ and C# design environment. Specifically, the exact same source definition files must be able to produce functionally identical C++ or C# source files of an error-free product.

Strict compliance with the ISO-9001 requirement for standard methods and processes can only be accomplished by single point definitions.  This can be accomplished by a set of standard software parts libraries and communication mailboxes.  

Standard Software Parts libraries for defining a set of data types in C++ and C# have been designed.    These libraries define various data types using a set of common names.  This permits the same name to obtain the correct representation for C# and C++.

There are many basic types that are defined the same way in both C++ and C#; for example the keyword "int". There are other data types that are unique to C++ and C#. For example, the string is "char *" in C++ and "string" in C#.