Dec 10, 2010 at 10:04 PM

A critical goal of the Programmable Software Development Environment is strict portability between operating systems and source languages.

One of the goals is strict portability between a C++, C#, C, and Visual Basic design environment.  Specifically, the exact same source definition files must be able to produce functionally identical  C++, C#,  C,  and Visual Basic source files of an error-free product.

Another goals is the development of a software parts library for the preparation of the Programmable Software Development Environment manual. Specifically, strict system portability in the preparation the *.HTML manual files was required.

Relative to software portability, the challenge is to produce a single point definition of the data definition statements. A mailbox is being used to communicate data definition data from the sub-task where the data types are specified to the sub-tasks where they are used.   In particular, the sub-task that defines a data structure containing basic data types is different than the sub-task that specifies the basic data types.  The revision of the communication mailbox relative to data definition is progressing normally and should be finished by next week,

Relative to the manual, the challenge is to produce the software parts needed to convert example source files into the HTML format.  Specifically, from a display point of format of the source file must be maintained  and the capability to link to a specific line must be defined. This effort has just been started.  No estimate on its completion can be made at this time.