Mar 4, 2011 at 4:40 PM

Keeping an accurate log of the development process is becoming increasingly difficult and time consuming. Modification of Programmable Software Development Environment to automate this record keeping process has begun and for the present will be top-priority.

Each of the software parts commands can be terminated by a comment.  This comment can be used to provide a checkout breakpoint, ";<----".  It can also be used to associate a completion date with the command.

The process associated with the development of standard software parts will consist of the following four versions: experimental, alpha version, beta version, and released version.

A Text file report will be prepared each time a software parts library is modified. This report will contain the total number of commands, the number of commands with checkout breakpoints, and the number of commands with today's date in each software part defined by the software parts files contained in the library development project.

The checkout of the revised Programmable Software Development Environment is complete. Status reports have been successfully generated. All versions of the software parts library have been successfully generated.

The revised Programmable Software Development Environment is currently being aggressively tested by using it to revise its manual. When this revision is complete and any errors encountered are fixed, the Programmable Software Development Environment will be published.