Jan 27, 2010 at 6:32 PM

The Programmable Software Development Environment is a beta version.   This means it is a work in progress driven by an extensive personal research and development effort focused on the development of portable error-free software using enforceable standard methods and processes.

The program is continually tested by using it on real problems.   Errors will be discovered from time to time.  Most of these errors will occur in the error-handling sub-systems which do not get exercised at the same rate as the functional sub-systems.  These errors will be
reported in this blog and corrected in a timely manner with a set of new download files. The corrected version of the program will not be considered a new version of the program.

New capabilities will be added from time to time as needed.  New capabilities will result in revisions to the web-site and a new set of download files which will be considered a new version of the program.

If the user needs to access previous downloads, a more complete collection can be found on CodePlex under the Project Title "Programmable Development Software Environment".