Jan 28, 2010 at 9:42 PM

The development of error-free software using enforceable standard methods and approaches necessitates that these standards have a single-point of definition. This product of this definition be either a software parts library file or a post-office file.  

Due to this single point of definition requirement, the development of a class involves a sequence of source development sub-tasks.  Specifically:

     1) The "include" sub-task assembles a list of other classes required by the subject class

     2) The "data type" sub-task assembles a list of data types to be used in the subject class

     3) The "structure" sub-task defines the data structure associated with this subject class

     4) The "class base" sub-task defines the subject class

     5) the "routine" sub-tasks define the routines associated with the subject class.

Currently, experimental versions of the "include", "data type", "structure", and "class base" sub-tasks have been prepared.  These versions are subject to revision as needed to satisfy the requirements of the "routine" sub-task. The required efforts will be briefly documented
in subsequent entries.